Different types of marketing agencies

ahmad azher
2 min readApr 4, 2021


The marketing executive knows who will lead the marketing strategy. The choice of a marketing agency partner can depend on several variables, including the team’s ability, capability, and situation.

The term marketing agency is broad and can mean many things:

  • An integrated marketing agency is what people commonly use the term marketing agency. Integrated marketing agencies help brands fill in the gaps as much as possible. They usually have a variety of abilities.
  • Specialist marketing agencies with agencies that have a combination of specialized skills.
  • Home Agency Brands have in-house marketing centers that do all the work of a typical marketing agency, but the team only works on one brand.
  • Consultancy Major global advisors such as Capgemini, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, PWC, etc. have always provided business operational insights, but are now offering marketing insights and implementation.
  • Boutique Consultancy and Individual Marketing Consultants. Small consultancy firms or consultants are perfect for limited budget teams, teams that need strategic assistance, or teams that are agile and personal with one or more marketing consultants specializing in a specific area.

Just like dating, when it comes to marketing agencies, there is plenty of fish in the sea. Make the right match, comes the need and budget.

Integrated Marketing Agency

Companies usually an integrated marketing firm or advertising agency services are considered to lack the capacity or resources of their team.

Pros of an integrated marketing agency model

  • Innovation — integrated marketing agencies will bring to the table the latest technology and innovative ideas.
  • Skills — experienced staff who are equipped with knowledge/education last customers.
  • Active — depending on the brand needs and resources can be down.
  • Exterior view — because the agency is not associated with the brand, so there is a good point.

Number of an integrated marketing agency model

  • Interruptions — Communication interruptions and multiple approval processes can shorten or disable the timeline.
  • Different preferences. The workers’ attention has been drawn to this as they are entertaining several clients.
  • Lack of Brand Knowledge — The agency needs a period of adjustment to take the time to understand and become familiar with the client’s business model.
  • Don’t always create a driving strategy — sometimes affiliates can act as order takers, meaning they rely on brand strategy consulting, rather than focusing on execution or asking on the surface. Failed to do

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